We received a question from a consumer that asked us if our kits were made in the USA like some
other USA based E-Bike Kit companies advertise. WOW! I spent some time browsing other websites
and was shocked to see how misleading so many E-Bike Kit companies have become. As probably
the only USA based, family-owned and operated Electric Bike Component Company that believes in
"Truthful Advertising", allow me to set the record straight.

Here was our cu
stomer's question and our response:

Are there any American made E-Bike wheel motors or are all your E-Bike Kits imported?

If you go to WalMart and purchase a TV stand that is imported and you put it together in your
garage, is it now "Made" in the USA? All E-Bike Kits sold in the USA are imported. Some companies,
including us,
assemble our wheels here in the USA but no one has wheel motors, controllers or
components "Made" or "Built" in the USA.

Any company that has to use deceptive advertising to sell their imported products should be
ashamed of themselves and consumers should steer clear. Simply put, there are NO e-Bike wheel
motor manufacturing plants or manufacturing companies in the USA. Sorry, but that is the truth. If
others insist to falsely claim "USA Made" wheels or components, ask to see their facilities. What you
will find is a whole bunch of boxes and a wheel truing stand used to insert an imported spoke into an
imported motor and thru an imported wheel-frame and tightened up with an imported spoke nut. No
manufacturing machines, no assembly lines, and no components "Made" or "Built" in the USA.

Don't be discouraged! The quality of workmanship and reliability of the imported products we use
today have greatly improved over the years due to competition and demand. With that said, don't be
nearly as hesitant to purchase from a company that accurately advertises their products as you
should be from those who attempt to mislead with words such as "Made" or "Built" in the USA when all
they did is put imported parts together in their garage... no matter how big their garage may be!

We believe in truthful advertising. That is exactly what our customers deserve! We will never stoop to
deception in an attempt to appear to have a better product.

Now when you see the words "Made" and "Built" in the USA, you know exactly what kind of company
your dealing with. If you see "Made" or "Built" in the USA on our website, you can bet your bottom
dollar it is.

We have serviced and repaired many popular electric bike kits and completely manufactured, fully
assembled electric bikes and not one is "Made" or "Built" in the USA. They are assembled in the USA
from Imported Components and even with that said, assembly is very limitted.

Why does this question obviously upset us at SeB? Because there are many small American
companies that are struggling to manufacture goods in this great Nation while trying to stay above
water. However, there are
none in this industry. Falsely claiming to sell USA made products is a slap
in the face to those who actually do while taking a beating from major importers. Using advertising
tricks with "Built" and "Made" in the USA says a lot about the company. Don't you think?

To answer your question accurately and honestly, our E-Bike Kit wheels are imported and then
assembled and all our components are thoroughly tested both individually and as a complete kit in
Savannah, Georgia prior to shipping to our valued customers. Rest assured, we give our customers
an industry leading
warranty and stand behind our products with complete customer support before,
during, and most importantly, after your purchase.
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